Scam Alert

Informed and alert consumers assist in the frontline of defense against payment fraud

Scam Alert

Please be informed that fraudsters can gain access to your email account and therefore, have access to your sensitive and confidential information.

They can do this by requesting you to update your personal bank details through several means, including:

  • Claiming that the bank has launched a new and secure online banking site
  • The process is in line with the new CBN cashless policy
  • The customers will not be able to log on to their online banking site if they do not migrate to the new one
  • They are instructed to click on a link in the email
  • They are asked to provide their username, password and a token code
  • They emphasize that it is mandatory to enter the token code and most times it is written in CAPITAL letters
Access Bank (Kenya) PLC would not require sensitive and confidential information from its customers. Information such as token, password, full card details and PINs are private to the customer and would not be requested by Access Bank Kenya either via email or telephone.

Some of the features of a genuine Access Bank Kenya online page are indicated below:
  • Beside customer login there is an icon like a padlock
  • As you enter your username and click on submit, you would be asked to enter your password and check your secure image
  • Your secure image is the image you selected when you were registering on the online banking platform
  • Your token is only required when you are making transfers to third parties within Access Bank Kenya or to other banks customers